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Year 6: Bewerley Park Trip: Day 4

Day 4 Morning

After a full programme of evening activities (night time orienteering) children were able to celebrate the birthdays of Clay, Neva and Mayzie-Lee with an excellent cake made by the cooks at Bewerley. Despite the excitement they were all ready to go to bed and slept through the night.   They are eating breakfast looking out at another sunny day.

Day 4 Evening

The children have excelled themselves today and have taken full advantage of every opportunity. A sunny and warm morning meant that Miss Blakeley's biking group were able to improve their cycling skills while wearing t-shirts. However, by the afternoon, as a few clouds rolled in and the wind got up, they proved to be expert in layering as they tackled the high ropes and Leap of Faith. 

Mrs Buttery's group had a 'leisurely' walk to Brimham meaning a late lunch and then high energy scrambling. The wind chill at the slightly higher altitude meant that the extra layers the children packed came in very useful. After the full day, the children returned to the centre ready to pack for vacating their dormitories before breakfast tomorrow, while remembering to leave out their disco clothes for tonight and an outfit for morning orienteering tomorrow.

All the adults working with our school have commended the children on their organisation, politeness and willingness to give everything a go. 'We are loving having you here,' said Sally the head of centre. Everyone enjoyed their main meal. It is tuck shop and souvenirs soon followed by dancing.


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