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Bewerley Park Day 3



As I type this, the children are still asleep. Clearly yesterday's adventures and the night time activities took a lot of energy. The boys dormitories were quiet, apart from a few snores, very quickly last night. Some of the girls took a little bit longer to fall asleep but, once we had regulated the temperature in the room, they slept well.

Night time orienteering in groups was yesterday's evening activity. Throughout the first part, the sounds of the Pateley bell ringers' practice wafted across to Bewerley. Jackson's team collaborated brilliantly to score the most points.

Because of weather conditions on Monday leading to high water levels, we hope today's programme will be able to include some of the gorge exploration we were unable to do yesterday. We know that the good organisation the children have demonstrated in storing their clothing and equipment will pay dividends today - we will be getting a bit wet.

Mrs Gortzak and I encountered a first yesterday when we were 'inspecting' the dormitories. One group of girls proudly showed us their personalised 'home' touches to their beds and wardrobes including Miley and Jazmine saying 'Welcome to our vanity area'. Needless to say, their dorm scored highly.

Now, at 7.20, it is time to turn the lights on.




'I can ride!' was one of the first shouts heard today (around 9.45).

Other successes followed rapidly around and beyond the site - perhaps Wednesday, 31st January 2024 will go down as a day of firsts, and conquering fears, or ticking off aims. All staff have been hugely impressed by the way the children have shaken off tiredness to try to wring every drop of enjoyment out of their day.

Today, 3 groups took part in ghyll scrambling. The water levels were high but safe and all children enjoyed jumping, navigating and traversing. We have some excellent pictures to post on the website tomorrow.

The weather turned from sunshine to windy and finally rain at the end of the afternoon. It meant that Mrs Gortzak's and Miss Blakeley's groups had a bit of a damp end to their adventures at Brimham. None of the school staff have seen the level of organisation of dormitories and equipment before. Tidy bedrooms on their return should be the expectation.

We once again adapted the evening activities to take account of the weather, an excellent beetle drive. We are not sure what the other school made of it. Maddie was the overall winner.

Children are tucked up in bed. Miss Massender, who joined us today, is hoping to be able to get to bed soon herself.

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